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In order to apply students have to use our Master-Online-Application-System (not via uni-assist or other ways!). Please see also the Master-Application-Manual.

The application process applies to all applicants in the same way. There may be some differences between German and international students only in regard to some mandatory documents or in regard to application deadlines.

Please note: Applicants coming from countries subject to visa requirements should submit their application  as early as possible, since visa processing can take several months and you will not be able to enter the country without a valid visa.

The Master-Online-Application-System is closed now.

For  application for masters programmes starting also in summer semester

the Master-Online-Application-System is available by December 1st 2015.

Please note:

We are closed for the holidays 24. December 2015 - 01. January 2016

Please see the list of masters programmes, which start also in summer Semester.

Only after receiving your signed "Application form for Master Application at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena" within the deadline (by reference of the postmark or delivery company stamp*) your application will process further and will take part in the selection procedure.
*This is not valid for the M.Sc. Psychology!! There the deadline for receipt of the signed
"Application form" by regular mail is at the latest on 31 May!)

Please note:
 You can apply for more than one masters programme.
Of course you can post the different signed application forms together in one envelope. Just make sure that they do not stich together.

All of the application documents required by the selection committee(s) have to be uploaded exclusively online!

Submit only the original signed form "Application form for Master Application at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena". Please send it exclusively in paper form by post and NOT by electronic mail or fax . The postal address of the Master-Service-Centre is entered automatically in the address field on the application form. Please do not send any other application documents.