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Master of Science

The "Master of Science" is the degree granted for the completion of a graduate-level programme in the field of natural sciences. Two years is the standard time period required to finish one's studies. All programmes are structured in a modular fashion; 120 credit points must be earned in total. Examinations are taken cumulatively in all required and optional courses, often in the form of a written exam or a take-home paper. The final module to be completed is the research and writing of a master's thesis.

At the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, we currently offer approximately 20 different Master of Science programmes. Others are scheduled to open in one or two years. All programmes are designed to provide students with in-depth academic understanding of a particular subject area and are equivalent to the previously offered "Diplom" or "Magister" degrees. Therefore, students with a Master of Science are qualified to pursue postgraduate studies (i.e., to go on to earn a doctorate) or to seek high-level positions in either the business or the academic world.

Please see below for further information on the Master of Science programmes, i.e. content orientation and the undergraduate degrees or fields of studies they follow and are built upon as well as the application requirements: