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Notes on Your Application


All of the application documents required by the selection committee(s) have to be uploaded as pdfs in the online-application-system.Please do not send any of the uploaded application documents by post!! Detailed Information are provided in our Online Application Manual.

Applications submitted by E-Mail or regular mail will not be accepted and will not take part in admission process. The Master Service Centre reserves the right to delete or destroy application documents, which are submitted without using the online application system.

Format of the Application Documents 

  1. Inform yourself about the required application documents on the specific website at our master portal.

  2. Prepare all required application documents (scan these and save each document as one multi-page PDF (max. 5 MB) in order to upload them in the master application system.

    Please note :
    A pdf is by nature a simple (digital) copy. Thus it does not matter if the scanned document is the original document, the certified copy of the original or the simple copy of the original! Of course, it goes without saying that it has to be visible that the scanned document(s) (i.e. high school, university, language certificates etc.) are no "self-made document". This means that you have to make the digital copy of the official documents given to you by the issuing institution or other body. In this way on the digital copy the stamp(s) and signature(s) of the issuing institution or other body is/are visible!

  3. Upload your documents in their original language. Please note: If your certificates are not issued in German or English, make sure to upload also an official translation in either German or English. Please note further: Certificates in French must be translated also either in German or English!

  4. Make sure that your pdfs are legible and that it is evidently that they were generated from an original document or its legalized copy.

Finalization of the online-application

1. Step - ONLINE TRANSMISSION of the application:

After having completed the online-application, press the SAVE button and your application will be transmitted to the Master Service Centre.

2. Step - SENDING VIA REGULAR POST/DELIVERY SERVICE the signed  application form "Application for Admission at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena to the Masters Programme ":
  • DOWNLOAD the application form, which was generated during the online-application
  • SAFE the form "Application for Admission at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena to the Masters Programme" on your computer
  • PRINT it, SIGN it and SEND the ORIGINAL, SIGNED APPLICATIONFORM by regular Mail to the Master Service Centre

Please send exclusively the original signed application form "Application for Admission at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena to the Masters Programme " in paper form by regular post or delivery service  and NOT by electronic mail or fax . The postal address of the Master Service Centre is entered automatically in the address field on the application form. If you want to send it by express post, you may have to use the visitor's address.

Once wehave recieved your signed application form within the deadline (by reference of the postmark or delivery company stamp*), we will send you a confirmation email, and only then your application will process further and hence will take part in the selection procedure.*This is not valid for the M.Sc. Psychology!! There the deadline for receipt of the signed "Application form" by regular mail is at the latest on 31 May!)

For applicants coming from countries subject to visa requirements: Please, apply early enough, since visa processing can take several months and you won't be able to enter the country without a valid visa. Please, read the information the DAAD has provided at its website at "Applying for the correct Visa".

Application for admission to a higher programme semester:  

The precondition in order to enter the desired master programme in a higher semester is that credits and grades gained in the same or in another masters programme at a German or foreign university can by recognised for the masters programme in Jena.

Application for a higher semester takes place either through a change of university or through a change of master degree programme.


In order to apply for a higher programme semester two review procedures have to be performed:

  1. Review of the applicant's general academic eligibility.
  2. Review of the academic performance in regard to placement in a higher programme semester.

•    1st application step: Review of the applicant's general academic eligibility

If you apply for a higher programme semester, you have to fulfil all general entry requirements. Hence the first application step has to be made - analogous to the application for admission to the beginning of a masters programme (=1st programme semester) - via our Online-Application-System.

Please note, the application deadlines are the same for applications to the 1st semester of a masters programme as to an advanced semester.

Difference: In order to apply for admission to a higher programme semester, applicants have to upload one further document, on which the application for admission to a higher programme semester is based. This is usually the certificate of study or a corresponding document showing that you are enrolled currently in a corresponding masters programme.

Once your application has been reviewed by the admission committee and you were considered suitable in regard to your general academic eligibility for the masters programme, you will get detailed information on the 2nd application step, which is necessary to get an admission to a higher programme semester.

 •    2nd application step: Review of the applicant's academic performance in regard to placement in a higher programme semester

At this point the examination office of the corresponding masters programme has to review whether you are eligible to join a higher programme semester or not.  Therefor the examination office needs further documents. We will inform you right after a positive decision in the 1st application step, on what  to do next.

Master programmes with different rules and/or deadlines:

*** Please note that the following programmes have their own application procedures, in which different rules and/or deadlines apply:

German taught programmes:

English taught programme:

*** Be sure to read the programme descriptions carefully to ensure that you fulfil all requirements and that you apply in the required way.

Admission procedure:

Once we, the Master Service Centre, have recieved the mandatory signed  "Application form for Master Application at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena" we check your application online in regard to the formal requirements. If the documents are complete it will be forwarded to the corresponding admission committee. If not, you will be informed by email and given the possibility to upload the missing document within a given timeframe.

For detailed information on how to complete a correct application read the information given at Step by step: Your online application.

Complete applications will be forwarded to the relevant admission committee, where the application will be evaluated.

Those students who meet the requirements and expectations of the respective admissions committee will be granted admission. You will then recieve an admission letter  along with the information on the enrolment documents and the further steps sent by email and convetional post.

If you did not meet the entry requirements and the admission committee's decision is hence a "rejection", you can see the notification "rejection letter sent" in your online-application-account. You will get the official rejection letter (only) by regular post.

Steps after being admitted

Accepting the study place:

In order to accept the offered study place you have to send the Statement of Acceptance.

This form as well as further relevant information on the enrolment procedure will be sent by email and conventional post along with the admission letter.

  • Thoskaform (German/English)

Format of the enrolment documents:
All copies of original academic (e.g. school leaving licence, university degree certificate(s) etc.) documents must be certified as true copies of the original. This means that the copies must be stamped and signed by the issuing institution, or a notary public.

Certified copies:
A certified copy is a copy of a document which is issued or legally attested by public authorities (e.g. a notary, the embassy etc.). Copies of official documents do not have to be notarized mandatorily by the German Embassy. An apostil as proof of authenticity is not required.

In order to certify document copies, you must present both the original and copy of the document to the person carrying out the certification. Each copy and page must be certified separately and clearly indicate: the signature of the certifying officer, the stamp of the issuing institution or notary public, which usually includes an emblem. .

Documents certified by the issuing institution must be issued through and certified by a representative of the Academic Registrar's Office, the Examinations Office, or the equivalent office that issues degrees and official transcripts of records at your university. Certification by other staff, such as faculty or college staff members, is not acceptable.


Detailed information on the enrolment procedure can be found in the Enrolment Guide at http://www.uni-jena.de/en/enrolmentguide.html provided by the International Office of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

We highly suggest to use the website of the International Office, which provides helpful information in regard to "preparation for Jena", "enrolment procedures" and "the orientation and welcome programme http://www.uni-jena.de/en/startstudying_international-path-226596,228002.html.