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General entry requirements

  1. University Degree

  2. Language Proficiency

    - German proficiency proof

    - English proficiency proof

  3. Programme Specific Requirements

  4. Special Requirements for Applicants with International University Degrees

University degree(s)

An undergraduate studies degree with above-average grades and a minimum of 180 ECTS or an equivalent first academic degree from a German or foreign, internationally recognized university. Your previous studies must comply with the requirement profile of the chosen masters programme.
Please note: If your study programme is still in progress at the time of application, you have to show your transcripts of records at least up to the penultimate semester.

Please note: A three-year Bangladeshi/Indian/Nepalese/Pakistani Bachelor of Science or Bachelor or Arts does not suffice for an admission to a post-graduate masters programme at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. In order to apply, additionally to the three-year bachelor degree a Post Graduate Diploma (masters or an equivalent of at least one year duration) has to be shown.

Language requirements

A German proficiency proof at the Level DSH-2 has to be shown. Please, see also the requirement profile of the corresponding masters programme (German taught M.A. programmes and German taught M.Sc. programmes).

Please note: If  you do not have the required German proficiency proof at the time of application, your application will only be considered if you can show a certificate attesting your German language skills at least at the Level B2 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) as well as a confirmation that you have either registered for the DSH examination, the TestDaF or an equivalent examination or that you have sat it and are going to get the results by enrolment. Further information regarding the German proficiency proof are provided on our website at German Language Requirements.

There is also the possibility to apply for the (chargeable) "German Language Course Preparing for the German Language Examination (DSH)" at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. For application and further information on application requirements as well as application procedure, for the preparatory German language course, please can be found on the website of the International Office at http://www.uni-jena.de/en/Degree_Seeking_Studies.html.

The following applicants are exempted from submitting formal German proficiency evidence:
Applicants, who
did their school leaving exam at a German school in Germany or abroad and/or completed their undergraduate studies in Germany, Austria or Swizzerland and the language of instruction was German, can proof their German language proficiency with their school leaving licence or their university degree.


Generally you ought to have a high English proficiency. In order to be sure that you have the correct English requirements for the course or programme you are applying to, check the information on the course description at the corresponding website: Master of Arts programmes and Master of Sciences programmes.

If you do not have the language proficiency proof required at the time of application, but are going to take the examination, or will get the results before the end of the current semester, please upload a confirmation that you have either registered already for the required examination or have sat it.

Exempted  from an English proficiency proof are nationals from Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and English speaking parts of Canada or applicants with an university degree from the afore mentioned countries.

Please note: Also German taught masters programmes may require an English proficiency proof. Please see for information on the complete application requirements the corresponding website of the masters programme of your choice (Master of Arts or Master of Science). Please check there also the list under the heading "Application documents".

Programme Specific Entry Requirements

In addition to the requirements described above, there may be specific entry requirements for the different masters programmes offered at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. Every masters programme has its own regulations, so please ensure that you read the information on the master's programme, to which you want to apply.

Special Requirements for International Applicants

  • College Entrance Examination:

VR China (gaokao (高考)),
Iran (pre-university year, before 2011 college entrance examination),
Republic of Korea (Scholastic Ability Test),

  • APS certificate from the German Embassy: 

Applicants with an university degree from a Chinese, Mongolian or Vietnamese University have to upload for the online-application also the APS-certificate from the Academic Evaluation Centre (Akademische Prüfstelle - APS).
This is not valid for applicants with university degrees from Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan!

The procedure may vary depending on whether the applicant is still in his/her native country or already in Germany. Please try to get the APS certificate early enough, possibly before applying for a masters programme, since the evaluation procedure at the Academic Verification Office (APS) may take several weeks.

Please note: 

If you do not have the APS certificate  by the closing date for applications, you can apply without it, in order to keep to the deadline. Please note, however, that we will have to inform you by email that your application is incomplete, viz. that your APS is missing, and will set a date in order to upload the missing document. Please be aware of the fact that we cannot forward your application to the admission committee for assessment as long as your APS certificate is missing in your application account. This means that the later this mandatory document is uploaded, the later the application will be reviewed by the committee. A late review will consequently lead to a late decision.