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We at the Master Service Centre will be happy to answer any questions you may have. However, we do encourage you to browse our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before contacting us. Perhaps you will find the information you are seeking in here:

  1. Questions regarding financial matters
  2. Questions regarding the online application
  3. Questions regarding the status of my application
  4. Questions regarding the APS (chinese, mongolian, vietnamese university degrees)
  5. Questions regarding the Visa application
  6. Questions regarding the admission/enrollment
  7. Question regarding standards of certified copies
  8. Question regarding standards of official translations
  9. Question regarding standards of language of the application documents/translation


1. Financial Matters

Please find further important and helpful information and tips on living and studying in Germany in the brochure "Destination Germany - A Pocket Guide for International Students" by the DAAD. There you will find information among other things on cost of living and proof of financial resources for the visa application.

  1. How much money do I nee approximately to pursue graduate studies in Jena?
    The FSU International Office estimates a total amount of €3,800 per semester, which can be broken down as follows.

    Tuition fees:
    The FSU does not charge tuition fees. Instead, students must pay a Student Services Fee per semester (http://www.uni-jena.de/Semesterbeitrag.html) in order to be officially enrolled. This includes a "semester ticket" that allows you to use all public transportation in Jena and the surrounding areas for free. Students in their first semester will be charged €20 more for the creation of a student identity card, or THOSKA.

    Living expenses:
    We advise students to have a minimum amount of €600 per month at their disposal for day-to-day costs such as food, rent, etc. This is comparatively affordable, as it costs much more to live in other regions of Germany.

    Course materials:
    Each semester, you will be expected to buy books and perhaps other materials for your study programme. These may cost €150 or more, depending on the type of programme you are in.

    Health insurance:
    All students in Germany must have full health insurance coverage. Assuming your home country does not have a bilateral agreement for the recognition of your national health insurance and you are under 30 years of age, you can purchase coverage for just under 60 Euros per month (total: €350 per semester).

    Travel costs:
    It is up to you to calculate the cost of travel from your place of residence to Germany. As this depends on your home country, we have not included the amount in our estimate above. For your information, a train trip from either Frankfurt or Berlin to Jena costs approximately €60.

  2. Is there any scholarship or other financial aid available for me?
    We regret to inform you, however, that we do not have scholarship funds to distribute to students at the master's level. For further information, please see the website of the International Office at the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena: Stipends and Financial Matters. Please note, however, that Applications for stipends must usually be made 1 year in advance.

  3.  Is there the opportunity to work while studying?
    For detailed information we would like to refere to the website of the International Office: Stipends and Financial Matters as well as Degree-Seeking Students' Guide and Frequently Asked Questions.

2. Online Application

  1. How do I apply?

    Here you will find a step by step instructions on how apply online. Please note that your application will take part in the application process ONLY if you passed through all application steps.

  2. My study degree will be issued after the application deadline expired?

    This because i.e. you are currently in the last semester of your undergraduate degree programme?

    You are welcome to apply with your Transcript of Records, if it shows your academic performance
    up to and including your penultimate semester, viz. the proof of credits from your 1st term until the term before last.

    Please note: Only in case of admission you have to proof that you have successfully completed your undergraduate studies. Hence have to submit your Bachelors degree (at least a provisional one) at the latest for enrolment (for summer semester application approx. by middle of March/ for winter semester enrollment: approx. by middle of September).

  3. My language proficiency proof will be issued after the application deadline expired (German, English etc.). Can I nevertheless apply ?

    If you do not have the mandatory Language proficiency proof required for the Masters programme at the time of application, but you are going to take the required examination, or will get the results before the end of the current semester, please upload a confirmation that you have either registered already for the required examination or have sat it.

  4. Do I have to send notarized copy for the application?

    No, since all the documents have to be uploaded in the online application system, you do not need to send the uploaded documents as hard copy!

  5. Do I really only need to submit the signed online application form "Application for Admission at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena to the Masters Programme"?

    Yes! To complete your online application you have to send the signed application form "Application for Admission at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena to the Masters Programme" to the Master Service Centre within the deadline (by reference of the postmark or delivery company stamp). This form will be generated on completion of the online application.

    Only after recieving this form in time, your application will procede further.

    (Further submitted application documents (e.g. certified copies) can only be returned to you if a prepaid envelope C4 (for A4) was submitted. Without the prepaid envelope, we cannot send your documents back and we will have to destroy the application documents later.

  6. I don't received my password via e-mail received from the online application system. What should I do now?

    First, check whether your e-mail inbox is overflowing, or whether the e-mail from landed in a SPAM folder. If this is not the case, please contact us.

  7. How do I know if I'm admitted or not?

    For information about the status of your application, please log in the application system. There you will find the information.

    Inquiries about the application status via e-mail or telephone will not be answered!

  8. Do I need German language abilities as a requirement for the application of a master programme at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena?

    For all German taught master programmes, you have to prove your German language skills. The required level is DSH-2 or TestDaF 4x4 or an equivalent.

    For all English taught programmes there is no need to submit a German language proficiency proof. However, we recommend to have at least some knowledge of German, since this will make it easier for you managing daily life.

3. Application Status

  1. How long will it take the committee to take the decision for masters degree?

    e cannot not make any reliable statements about when decisions are taken.

    You can rest assured, however, that we and the admission committees are perfectly aware of the importance of "early decisions", especially for international students coming from countries subject to visa requirements.

    Hence, a
    fter having sent your documents to the Master Service Centre, we will check the documents, convert the grades into the German system and check the formal requirements. As soon as your application is complete, the admission commission has access to your documents in the application database and will start to assess your qualification. The commission then indicates its decision in the database, and we, the Master-Service-Centre will inform you about the result. This happens continuously, i.e. we will not wait until the application deadline.

    Please note: Over 80% of the applicants for English taught masters programmes are coming from countries subject to visa requirements! Thus it is not possible to speed up the process for particular applications. Documents are processed, and decisions are made as soon as possible!

    We will contact you as soon as an admission decision is made by email!

  2. When and how will I be informed of my admission status?

    Information about the status of your application you will find at your application account. For that you have to log in with your login information. (Inquiries about the application status via e-mail or phone cannot be answered).
  • Status: Application received electronically
    Now you have to send the signed "Application form for Master Application at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena" within the deadline.
  • Status: Application document received
    The signed application form has reached the Master Service Centre. A confirmation email will be sent via the online-application-system.
    Now you have to wait! We will check if your applications is formally complying with the requirements (i.e. are all mandatory documents uploaded? etc.).
    • If there are documents missing, we will inform you by email via the online-application-system. You have then the possibility to upload the missing document(s) into the online-system.
    • If you your application documents are complete it will be forwarde to the admission committee.
  • Status: Application handed over to committee
    Again: You have to wait, till the admission committee has come to a decision.
    We kindly ask you to refrain from enquiries (telephone, in writing, by e-mail) pertaining to when the admission committee will come to a decision. We cannot make any statements regarding this. Please be assured, however, that as soon as the admission committee(s) inform us on their decision(s), we will inform you by email!
  • Status: Letter of Admission sent
    You will get an email with the PDF of your admission letter along with the information regarding your enrolment. Additionally we will send the official admission letter as well as the required enrolment information by regular post.

  • Status: Letter of rejection sent
    You will get an email with the PDF of your rejection letter.  

4. Questions regarding the APS

Applicants with an university degree from China, Vietnam or Mongolia have to have their higher education entrance qualification and grade certificates checked and recognized by the Academic Verification Office (APS) in their native country. The procedure may vary depending on whether they are still in their native country or already in Germany. For more detailed information, contact the relevant APS.

Please try to get the APS certificate early enough, possibly before applying for a masters programme, since the evaluation procedure at the Academic Verification Office (APS) may take several weeks, and you wil not be able to apply in due time without the APS certificate.

  1. My APS will be issued only after the Application Deadline has expired. Can I nevertheless apply?

    We suggest to apply with all the other required documents for the application, but instead of uploading the mandatory APS to upload a declaration that you will submit the APS certificate as soon as possible (please enter an approximate date).

    Please note: W
    e cannot forward your application to the admission committee as long you have not uploaded the APS. Hence the later you upload this mandatory document, the later your application will be reviewed by the committee. A late review will consequently lead to a late decision.

5. Question regarding the Visa application

  1. I need an early admission because of the visa

    Since, over 80% of the applicants for English taught masters programmes are coming from countries subject to visa requirements, it is not possible to speed up the process for particular applications. Documents are processed, and decisions are made as soon as possible!

    We suggest
    applicants coming from countries subject to visa requirements to submit their application early enough, since visa processing can take several months and you won't be able to enter the country without a valid visa.

    The type of visa you need depends on whether you have already received your notification of admission from a German university. (Do not enter the country as a tourist! A tourist visa cannot be converted to a student visa or student applicant visa!). For detailed information please see the website of the DAAD at Visa application.

  2. Can I apply for a tourist visa and then change it to a student visa after arrival?

    No, you cannot! Since tourist visas cannot be converted into a student visa. With the wrong visa, you will be forced to leave the country at some point and apply for the correct visa at home.
    Please read the information the DAAD has provided at his website at "Applying for the correct Visa".


6. Admission/Enrollment

  1. How many students are admitted to each programme?

    There is no specific quota that regulates the number of students, which can be admitted to the FSU's Masters programmes. However, only those students who meet the requirements and expectations of the respective Admissions Committee will be granted admission.

  2.  I have been admitted but cannot attend the programme this year after all. Can I defer my admission offer?

    It is not possible to postpone the admission granted for one application turnus to the, since it is the decision of the admission committee whether your admission will be reaffirmed. In order to get a new admission, you have to go through the online application again, where you have to upload all required application documents as you did already in the last application period. Please note, however, you have to upload also the current admission letter for your application so that the admission committee can see that you were judged already as eligible.

  3. What should I do in order to be enrolled?

    You will get the information with regard to the enrollment procedure along wiht the admission letter both by email and convetional post.

    However, the general procedure is as follows:
    • Ensure that you have sufficient financial means to pursue the study programme of your choice. (See next question for more details.)
    • find accommodation that suits your needs. The Studentenwerk Thüringen can be of assistance. Alternatively, you can seek a private apartment. Useful websites and tips on finding a room or shared apartment are in the Student's Guide for International Applicants.
    • Apply for student visa. Please contact the German Embassy or Consulate next to you to learn more about the procedure. Please note: It can take up to twelve weeks to obtain a visa.
    • Make arrangements to travel to Jena. Whether this means purchasing a plane ticket or simply hopping on a train, please make sure to keep in mind that the winter semester starts on October 1 and the summer semester on April.

    TIP: Get detailed Information on the enrolment procedure from the Enrolment Guide provided by the International Office of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena at http://www.uni-jena.de/en/enrolmentguide.html.

  4. Can I get in touch with the person responsible for my programme or with other students in my programme?

    If you have questions concerning the academic aspects of your programme, you are welcome to contact the faculty or staff member indicated on the correpsonding description in our website. You are welcome to contact current students at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, especially those in your field of study. We will be happy to provide you with their contact information.

Official certifications must always contain an original official stamp and an original signature of the issuing authority. A copy or scan of your officially certified documentation will not be sufficient. A copy can only ever be officially certified, if it bears the original certifying stam!

The official stamp may be round or oval in shape, and will contain a coat-of-arms. It is not sufficient if certifications bear only a stamp containing only words.

With document copies comprising multiple pages, it must be apparent that each page originates from the same official certification. The official stamp must be visible on each page: The pages must be arranged in such a way that each page is embossed with part of the official stamp. It is sufficient if the endorsement is set out and undersigned on one page only.

Exception: With a certification performed by a notary (with cord and seal imprint), it is sufficient for the certification declaration to be set out on one page only.

Outside Germany, the following institutions may certify their documents:

  • schools and universities issuing the documents,
  • the Ministry of Education of your home Country,
  • German embassies,
  • the cultural department of the embassy of the country from where the certificate originates,
  • the authorities and notaries authorised to perform official certifications in your home country.

    8. Standards for certified translations?

    We will accept translations of certificates issued by the following:

    • sworn translators
    • outside of Germany, institutions may only assume the translation of certificates, if these are entitled to prepared sworn or court-approved translations.


    You must also arrange the certification of copies of translations.

    Exception: You do not need an additional certification, if the translation bears the original stamp of the translator.

    However, translators may not certify any documents in the original language - rather only the translations they have personally produced.


    9. Standards for the language of official certificates (school, university, language certificates)?

    Submit your certificates in their original language - together with a German or English translation. If in your country of origin, alongside the original language, your certificates were  also officially issued in German or English, then we do not require a translation.

    Important: Certificates in French must be translated into German or English.