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Application deadlines

Application for a Masters programme is always only possible within the previous semester. For example, if you want to apply for a Masters programme starting in winter semester 2018/2019, you can apply only during the summer semester 2018.

Studies beginning (also) in the summer semester:

The application period for the summer semester runs generally from  December 01 to January 15. The deadline applies for all applicants equaly.

Please note: Application for the summer semester are possible only for some Masters programmes (see list at the bottom).

Studies beginning in the winter semester:

Application period for International applicants

For international students there are two application periods: April 1 - May 31 and April 1 - July 15

Application period for German applicants

For German applicants there are three different application periods for the different Masters programmes: April 1 - May 31 and April 1 - July 15 and April 1 - September 15.

Masters programmes starting also in summer term:

Master of Science programmes:

M.Sc. Bioinformatics
M.Sc. Biogeosciences

M.Sc. Business Mathematics
M.Sc. Chemical Biology

M.Sc. Chemistry
M.Sc. Chemistry - Energy - Enviroment
M.Sc. Computational and Data Science
M.Sc. History of Natural Sciences

M.Sc. Computer Science
M.Sc. Mathematics
M.Sc. Physics
M.Sc. Material Sciences

Master of Arts programmes:

M.A. History
 of the Ancient World
M.A. Art History and Film Studies

M.A. Caucasian Studies
M.A. Christianity in Culture, History and Education
M.A. Classical Archaeology
M.A. Cultural Anthropology/Cultural History
M.A. English and American Studies
M.A. German as a Foreign and Second Language
M.A. German Classics in the European Context
M.A. German Linguistics
M.A. Greek and Latin Philology
M.A. Indo-European Studies
M.A. Languages and Cultures of the Ancient Near East
M.A. Literature - Art - Culture
M.A. Medieval Studies
M.A. Modern History
M.A. North American Studies
M.A. Philosophy
M.A. Philosophy - German Idealism and Modern European Philosophy
M.A. Archaeology of Prehistory to the Early Middle Ages
M.A. Romance Cultures in the Modern World
M.A. Slavonic Languages, Literatures and Cultures
M.A. South-Eastern European Studies