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We accept only application done via our Master Online Application System (not via uni-assist or other ways!). It is free of charge.

Please make sure to read the information given at
Step by step: Your online application

For guidance please use the Timeline and our Master Application Manual.

The application process applies to all applicants in the same way. Please note: It is possible to apply for more than one Masters programme.

The application period for the winter semester 2018

will start on April 1st, 2018

Please note that if the Masters programme(s) you want to apply for, is (are) not presented in the dropdown list in our Online Application System, it is because you are applying within the wrong application period or that the application period has not started yet or it is over already! Please see for detailed information on this our website at Application Deadlines.

Applicants coming from countries subject to visa requirements should apply for a visa as soon as possible since it often takes several month for a visa to be issued!!

In regard to visa, the DAAD recommends not to wait until you receive confirmation of an university place, as the notice of admission arrives usually very late in Germany. Please contact the German Embassy in your home town as soon as possible and ask for information regarding the visa requirements as well as for advice about the two visa options: "applicant visa" or a "student visa".